What is Hyba® exactly?

The future of clean, of course! More specifically, Hyba® is an advanced personal cleansing system that combines a personal cleansing spray and a touchless dispenser with a specially-designed bath tissue that still flushes like regular toilet paper. It’s the perfect alternative to “flushable” wet wipes.


How does the dispenser work?                             

The compact dispenser is sensor operated (that’s the touchless part) and activates when you place your hand within 4 inches below the unit. Hyba® will dispense one spray or, if you prefer more, continuously dispense up to 5 times back-to-back or until your hand is out of range. That’s how you get to create your own flushable wet wipe.


Can I use the dispenser liquid with other brands of toilet paper?

You can, but for maximum performance and usability, we recommend using it with the Hyba® Spritz-Safe Bath Tissue that came included with your starter kit as it was specifically designed to retain and effectively use the Cleansing Spritz without weakening or destroying the toilet paper fibers. (That means no soppy mess or “poke through” when cleaning!)


How do I reload or replace the bottle when empty?

You can easily reload your Hyba® touchless dispenser with a fresh bottle of Cleansing Spritz. Simply push the button on the backside of the dispenser to open the door on the top. Remove the cap from the spritz bottle. Turn the bottle upside down and insert the top into the dispenser. Close the dispenser and push until it clicks.


What surfaces do you recommend to apply/or surfaces to avoid?

Excluding vinyl surfaces or wallpaper, any vertical surface that’s dry, flat and smooth will work. Just be mindful of putting the adhesive strips on items of personal value (antique wooden vanities, for example).


What is the recommended setup?

If you already have a toilet paper holder, simply mount the touchless dispenser on a bathroom wall next to it. If not, try our separately sold toilet paper stand—it will hold both your Touchless Dispenser as well as a roll of Hyba® Spritz-Safe Bath Tissue. Either way, be sure you have enough clear space below the Touchless Dispenser to keep the automated sensor from accidentally dispensing (at least 4 inches or more).


How do I safely remove my wall mounted dispenser from the wall?

To remove the adhesive from the wall, take off the dispenser body from the wall mount back cover. With the wall mount back cover still attached to the wall, grab the excess tab from the adhesive strip that is exposed. Hold the wall mount back cover and pull the adhesive tab straight down at least 15 inches until base and strip release. It’s that easy!


Is Hyba® tissue biodegradable? Eco-friendly?

Our tissue is 100% biodegradable. Even if you’re on a sanitary sewer or septic tank, the substances that make up our toilet paper are decomposable.


What’s in the Cleansing Spritz? Is it safe?

The Hyba® spritz is an unscented, water-based toilet paper spray designed to offer a safe and hygienic source of moisture for your specially-designed Hyba® Bath Tissue. It’s paraben-free, gentle and mild on skin, and is dermatologist- and gynecologist-tested.


Is Hyba Bath Tissue safe for septic and sewer tanks?

Hyba® Bath Tissue was specially designed to be flushable and safe for standard sewer and septic systems. You’ll see the septic safe icon on Hyba® packaging as an indication.